Make your own Girl Scout Cookies

No more paying protection money to the Girl Scout mafia! No more waiting through the off season, dying for more. Now we have a second source! We can make our own.

Thin mints, Tagalongs, and (my personal favorite favorite) Samoas. Mmmmm homemade Samoas ::drool::.

I have to say, these look way better than the ones you can buy. Also, the recipe tells you how to make replicates of the Girl Scout version, but you wouldn’t have to go so far. For example, in the Samoa recipe, you don’t *need* to have the hole in the middle. If you used regular, non-homemade shortbread cookies with no holes in the middle, and you melted down caramel instead of making homemade, then these really wouldn’t be that difficult to make. I’m sure the 100% homemade version is better, but any version would be pretty darn delicious.

So, who’s going to make me some?

Link via Sara


2 thoughts on “Make your own Girl Scout Cookies

    • Well, from what I understand, they were called Caramel Delites in some parts of the country, and Samoas in other parts. They were called Samoas where I lived, but I think Caramel Delites is a much more descriptive name.


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