Best Rejection Ever!

Best day so far of my publishing career! I got a signed rejection from Asimov’s. Best. Rejection. Ever.

For those of you not in the know, when you submit a story to magazine it enters what can only be affectionately refered to as the “slush pile”. All of the unsolicited manuscripts (and there are more than you can believe) are tossed in a pile which has to be sorted through and read by poor souls hoping against hope that something, anything, of value can be found. The vast majority of this sea is crap (including, in some cases, my submissions). But every once in a while, a gem is found in the slush pile and passed into the hands of an editor.

It turns out, this particular story of mine was just such a gem.

Normal slush rejections from Asimov’s get a form rejection letter. I have several of those to prove it. This rejection had my name in it and was signed by the editor. Now that’s something I don’t see every day! It’s not exactly publication, but it’s only 1 step below. And this isn’t from just any magazine, it’s from Asimov’s. One of the big 3. The first magazine I ever submitted a story to.

I’m sure (hoping) that one day I’ll look back at this post and laugh at myself. But in the meantime, I have great hopes for the story, as well as future submissions to Asimov’s. Lets hope that this one wasn’t a fluke, but the beginning of a trend.

Onward and upward!


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