A lot of good information is on the Internet

I actually tried this to be sure it was true. If you type “why wont” into Google, it will list you the top search terms. And the top search term is…well, I will let the image speak for itself:

By the way, am I the only person who noticed “why won’t god heal amputees” on the list as well?

Link via FailBlog.


6 thoughts on “A lot of good information is on the Internet

  1. I assume you’ve seen the suggestions for “What are”

    It’s amazing how much effort people have put into keeping it at the top of the list, since I’d not heard of it before. I found it by accident when I was seriously looking for something else.


    • Ha, no I hadn’t seen that. For the curious, much in the same vein, the top suggestion for “what are” is ‘What Are These Strawberries Doing on My Nipples: I Need Them for the Fruit Salad!’


    • Good point! I’d like to imagine it is the 3 frustrated people. The scenario that plays out in my head is someone who has been trying and trying for so long and finally says, “Maybe the Internet has the answers I need!”

      That’s kind of the same narrative I imagine for the person who found my blog searching for ‘how to explain a picture to a dead rabbi’


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