Halloween Link Wrap-up

I realize it is after Halloween, and I kind of missed the boat on some of this stuff. But I’m not saving it until next year, so I need to clean these out.

Check out this recipe for a creepy, edible “meat hand“:

The finger nails and bone sticking out of the back are onions. Most of the rest of it is like a meatloaf with cheese melted on top.

Link via InteractiveReader (on twitter)

Second off, check out this geeky pumpkin wrap up over on MegDesk.

Third, check out this clip from NPR Science Friday, that discusses important research into zombies and how their brains work. (The audio is about 15 minutes)

Link via my mother-in-law, who actually called me on the phone to tell me I should be listening to it live.

Finally, I know a lot of you readers are big Wizard of Oz fans, so I give you this:

Link via PlanetDan.

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