Caffeine is the enemy

Fall makes me feel like drinking tea. So the other night I opened up some new White Chai that I bought and gave it a try. Not too long after I started to feel very light headed, and then eventually sick to my stomach. Finally, I had to lay down for a while until I felt better. That’s right, a cup of tea laid me out. That’s the kind of party animal I am these days.

So of course, I had to try it again.

Though I hadn’t had this particular tea before, the ingredients of the tea were pretty standard. I thought maybe it was a coincidence that I happened to feel sick after I drank the tea. Also, I hadn’t eaten any supper that night, so there was a lot going on. The second time, I had eaten a huge super, so I wasn’t going in on an empty stomach. This time I didn’t feel sick, but I did feel pretty light headed for a while. Of course, that could have been the power of suggestion, after the previous night.

The only thing I could figure was the caffeine. A while ago, I decided to cut caffeine out of my life, where possible. I drink caffeine free pop and I drink decaf coffee. If one cup of tea can give me a caffeine buzz, I guess it’s working! I searched the box for information about the caffeine content, but I didn’t find anything. I can only assume this means it has the regular amount of caffeine, that is, it is caffeinated, but not ridiculously so. In fact, it is white tea, which I understand to be the least caffeinated tea.

So my question to the tea drinkers out there is, how much caffeine is in tea? Has any one else come across this? Is there something else in there besides the caffeine that could be hitting me?

3 thoughts on “Caffeine is the enemy

  1. Certain brands of tea have a higher caffeine content, Stash is higher quality, fresher everything and therefore more potent in caffeine. Chai flavor might also have something to do with it. Now I know not to slip you a Red Bull anytime soon!


    • What I’ve found is that most tea has caffeine in it unless it specifies decaffinated. I would think that caffeine would be listed as an ingredient and the higher content ingredients are listed 1st.


  2. Try throwing away the first steep. That will lower the caffeine content for future steeps. You should get a few steeps out of good tea. Depending on the tea, flavor shouldn’t be too affected with the second (or even third or forth for some varieties) steep.

    There are lots of herbal teas that give you that warm and fuzzy feel without the caffeine. Go find a tea shop that sells loose leaf tea – don’t limit yourself to supermarket boxes.

    (I am a tea snob)


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