Project BLT

I can’t embed this, but check out this graphical tree depictionof making a BLT from scratch. And when I say from scratch, I mean from scratch. Follow the bacon tree branch down to collecting sea water for sea salt, and distilling raw sugar cane for the pork rub. The homemade mayonnaise branch alone has 17 sub-steps, 8 of them under homemade mustard.

And if staring at the delicious pictures makes you hungry, you can go sign up for the bacon-of-the-month club. What could be better than delicious bacon delivered to your doorstep every month? And you can’t dislike a company with a motto like, “It’s a bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon world.”

Bacon-of-the-month club link via Meg, who teased me by saying she would have gotten it for me for Christmas, but she didn’t. 😛

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