Oh ThinkGeek, what will you think of next?

I make no attempt to hide my love of ThinkGeek here on the blog. Every time I get the newsletter, there is always something cool to report. This month was no exception, giving us the amazing Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon. This is amazing, you can stockpile it up and it will last for 10 years. Well, it won’t last for 10 years, because you’ll eat it, but maybe in your hunger to get at the bacon you accidentally knock a can back behind the shelf or something and find it 9 years later…it’s still good! Why would you need to stockpile bacon? Well, for tactical purposes obviously (if you read the webpage closely, you’ll notice that they specifically mention the zombie apocalypse…I’m just saying)

But wait, there’s more! Special bonus ThinkGeek product, the Force Trainer. This thing blew my mind, basically you can train your Jedi skills in the use for the Force, like, for realz. You clamp this headgear on, which measures your brainwaves. Depending on how hard you’re concentrating, the ball will go up or down in the tube. I think this is probably as close as we are ever going to come to actual Force usage.

Yay ThinkGeek!

4 thoughts on “Oh ThinkGeek, what will you think of next?

  1. Unexpected perk of living in Oslo: The technology museum has an interactive exhibit for Jedi mind dueling! It’s the same kind of technology, but it moves the ball horizontally and two people play at once. I think you’re supposed to clear your mind so that the most zen player wins (I forget whether brainwaves move it towards or away from you). We chose to flip the game around to make it a mental tug-of-war, and the most active mind won.


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