Giant Carniverous Plants, newly discovered

Now check THIS out. It turns out that scientists have discovered a new type of pitcher plant in the Philippines that is big enough to eat rats!

I remember being fascinated by pitcher plants and Venus flytraps when I was little. I even had one of those little Venus flytraps you could buy at the drug store or whatever and I saw it eat several flies. It was absolutely terrifying and I’m sure I had nightmares about it, even as I couldn’t take my eyes away from it.

Obviously the idea that one of these things could eat something bigger (me, for example) is a concept that has probably been around as long as carnivorous plants have been around. But now there is actual proof that it is possible. And the thing that really makes it terrifying is that it was just discovered now, when I would have thought any such monstrosities would have long been discovered. If this thing was out there and we didn’t know about it, why not Bigfoot? Why not something even more terrifying?

Could this be far behind?

3 thoughts on “Giant Carniverous Plants, newly discovered

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