2 Stories

Last night I fell asleep on the couch at about 8:30, so by the time I got up and went to bed at around midnight, Sara had been sleeping for quite some time. As I crept in to the bedroom and slowly and quietly closed the door behind me, Sara sat bolt upright in bed and yelled, “Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!” I threw the door open and leapt to the side like some sort of action hero. “What?” I asked in a panic. “Evie was peeing in the night,” Sara said and went back to sleep.

As we were driving through the middle of nowhere today, Evie was getting a little restless. In order to keep her occupied, we were pointing out things on the side of the road for her to see. “Look Evie, there are some horses out Mommy’s window!” “Look, here’s a barn!” Suddenly, I saw, I kid you not, a goat on a trampoline. Nobody will believe me about this, but it was for real. It’s not like he was jumping or anything, someone just had a pet goat and one of those huge backyard trampolines, and the goat was sitting on it. I was extremely tempted to go back and take a picture, but I didn’t, so you’ll just have to belive me on this.


6 thoughts on “2 Stories

  1. Coming from a country girl…I believe you Shane. Goats climb all over everything. Just ask Orlan. When we had our goats they would get on everything. Even the couch when they were inside! That’s another story.


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