Failure to Launch

I read a pretty good article the other day about companies that didn’t really go anywhere, didn’t live up to expectations. These weren’t just tiny little operations though, these were companies that were either A) on the top of their game, huge companies that just fizzled for some reason, or B) companies that had great technology or so much hype that they seemed like sure-fire winners. You will have heard of all of these products and that’s what made it interesting to me.

The first product that came to mind was the Segway. I remember when that came out, they had quotes from people claiming it would revolutionize the world, it was the death of cars, etc. etc. From big names too. And what happened? Do you know anybody who has one? (aside from the Chicago police of course) Sure enough, it was #1 on the list.

Unfortunately, we don’t know why some of these companies failed, but the article tries to at least guess what happened. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting read.


2 thoughts on “Failure to Launch

  1. Fort Wayne’s police department also bought a fleet of segways. So maybe in a tiny way they did revolutionize something. I mean this isnt a far shot from Robocop is it? Imagine if the next fleet of segways were spider shaped legs that had excellent balance capabilities. Mounting a weapon is also not out of the question.


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