Flash Fiction

I never had much use for flash fiction. With the small amount of words you have to work with (usually < 1,000) you can’t really show more than a scene. As such, most of the stories I’ve read are either heavily cliched (to save space) or don’t really tell a story per say, just sort of describe a scene. I never found them very interesting.

So if that’s the case, how did I find myself writing a piece of flash fiction?

Well, I had an idea, and it wasn’t really the sort of idea that could carry an entire story. More like one scene really. You can see where this is going. So now I sort of understand the place of flash fiction because I have several little thoughts or scenes like this that I’ve written down. The only option is to either write them as flash, or hope that some day, some how they can fit into some other story. In some cases, that is pretty unlikely.


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