Woody Harrelson gets attacked by zombies

And apparently often, since he mistakes regular people for zombies. Although, something tells me it’s not the first time he has mistakenly think he was being attacked by zombies. Which leads to the obvious question, if a zombie ate Woody Harrelson, would he get high? And should Matthew Mcconaughey be on the lookout for the undead?

Last Thursday I was in D.C. for a software demo and two funny things happened. First off, right as we were about to begin loud sirens began blaring over the phone and a voice announced “Emergency, emergency! Please exit the building!” as if there were some kind of bomb scare or something. I think the guy was trying to tell us that he would call back when he could, but since we couldn’t hear him over the sirens, he just stayed on the phone forever with this message repeating endlessly. I guess it’s not like he went to the bathroom during the demo, but it certainly was interesting.

The second thing that was funny was this guy was giving his part of the presentation and it was B  o  r  i  n  g with a capital B. Everybody was doing the heavy eye, head-bob thing trying to stay awake. Suddenly he stopped talking and then said, “Hold on. My computer fell asleep.” My co-worker almost imploded trying not to laugh. Apparently even technology is not immune to his monotone voice.

I don’t know where she gets this stuff from, but how did I end up with a daughter who asks for her ear drops to be put in her ear and the thing she is most excited about from her Easter basket is her Elmo Toothbrush. She made out pretty good from the whole Easter thing, as Sara said, “She got as much as a normal person should get for Christmas.”


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