Getting Recognized by the United Nations

Alright, talk about cool! A long time friend of mine received the Global Young Advocate Award from the United Nations! How awesome is that? Details below:

Young people around the nation show their commitment to the goals and ideals of the United Nations on a daily basis. UNA-USA is proud to recognize young professionals whose accomplishments demonstrate personal initiative and commitment to the United Nations through the Global Young Advocate Award.

Past Global Young Advocate Awardees have been recognized because of their volunteer activities, workplace initiatives, and social endeavors. They have combined their passion for the United Nations with an ability to motivate others and create meaningful change.

On behalf of the 2009 UNA-USA Global Young Advocate Award Selection Committee, I am delighted to announce Anastasia Shown of the UNA Greater Philadelphia Chapter as the 2009 UNA Global Young Advocate.

Anastasia has lead efforts to reach out to marginalized immigrant communities in Philadelphia, partnered with Philadelphia public libraries and schools to spread awareness about the work of the United Nations, and facilitated exchange programs between educators in Philadelphia and Africa.

We are delighted to be able to honor Anastasia’s efforts, and indeed all of the efforts of the amazing nominees we received for this year’s award. This year’s field was the most competitive yet and we are sorry that we could not offer more than one award!

Elizabeth Latham, UNA National Capital Area
2009 GYAA Selection Committee Chair

Congratulations Anastasia, that is so, so awesome!

In other announcements, Sara has the “skin of a nun”. And this from a dermatologist even! You’ll have to ask her about it, but just to be clear, the quote was in reference to Sara’s skin, not some kind of Silence of the Lambs nun-suit.

Hmm, I can’t end this post on that sentence. Anastasia, I apologize for adding a nun-suit reference to your nice announcement! But, on the bright side, anybody googling “nun skin” will now find this announcement!

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