Cuckoo Clocks

My mom and dad had this cuckoo clock that my uncle had sent from Germany when I was very little. It is quite something to behold, resplendent with a deer head, crossed rifles and not one but TWO dead animals hanging by their feet. It looks almost exactly like this:

Complete with the dead rabbit and chicken.  On the hour (and half hour) a tiny wooden bird comes out through the door and emits a pleasant “cuckoo!” The counterweights are large metal pinecones. Yes, it is hideous, but it is somehow beautiful in its hideousness. It may even be worth some money. And now my mom wants to get rid of it.

As I’ve stated, I love clocks. When the sad little clock downstairs fell off the wall and broke (an accident, I swear) we wanted to get a clock that Evie would enjoy. We toyed with the idea of getting a cuckoo clock, but we ended up getting a “birdie clock” similar to the one my grandmother has with different bird calls on the hour.

Now I admit that the grotesque hunting clock doesn’t exactly fit with our decor. There is no “hunting lodge” room in our house. That being said, there has to be a place for it somewhere in our house. I’d hate to lose such a old, well constructed clock*.

So please leave some comments and help me convince Sara this clock is worth saving!


*Note that I have no reason to believe it is old or well constructed and is probably a knock off to begin with.

13 thoughts on “Cuckoo Clocks

  1. It has always struck me as a little make-believish, the clock that is. You have a small plastic kitchen in your basment. How embarassing would a clock like that look above it. I think it might add a nice playroom (not bedroom) feel. Also that clock was made before electricity was around, and Ron just fixed it. I estimate that clock to last about 23 more years.


  2. It is a wooden kitchen in the basement, except for a few plastic knobs. I am loath to throw anything old away, but don’t use the kitchen as a reason to put it there. That said, I do think Evie would love the cuckoo. Although, they drive me crazy and I might be lead to wring the little bird’s neck.


  3. It’s so amazing to me to hear you call it “hideous.” I guess because it’s hung on my living room wall for so long I barely realized what was actually on it anymore. How about quaint??? Considering that, for many years, we had a stuffed deer head hanging on the wall, this clock seems pretty tame in comparison.

    In my experience, once you get used to the noise, you never even hear it or look at it any more. As far as a selling point, it does have its uses: picture yourself laying in bed, too tired to open your eyes to look at the clock, all you have to do is wait for the cuckoo and count the # of cuckoos.

    For the record, Ron took it apart, fixed it, oiled it, and put it back together, and it works well. He said when he went to get parts for it, the clock repair person said “it’s in mint condition and it’s a genuine Black Forest cuckoo clock, made in Germany”.

    I wanted it fixed because I thought Evie would enjoy it, but maybe Nathan would take it??? Bottom line though, even if you or no one else wanted it, I don’t think I could actually get rid of it. I have fond memories of my own grandparents’ cuckoo clock back when I was a child. Ron says it will always have a home because we would proudly display it at our house!


      • still…I don’t think your descriptive words (e.g.
        hideousness, grotesque) will help your case. Ron suggested you go to E-Bay to see how much it would sell for because he says his clock sold for $400 to $500 about 18 yrs. ago.


  4. I’m not trying to sell it! I want to hang it on my wall! If you want to sell it to make money, then you should do that.

    I don’t really want to get in an argument about what words describe it, but A) I think those words are appropriate for anything that has hanging animal carcasses on it, and B) I am trying to appeal to Sara and those are her ideas of the clock, for better or worse.

    Why not focus on the fact that I called it “beautiful”? 🙂


  5. I generally don’t assert my opinion on here, but I am being misrepresented. My main problem with the clock are the two guns slung across the front of it. I get that it is about hunting, but 1-we do not hunt and 2-that’s not what guns are used for where we live. It just seems like it would be an odd addition to our home on that basis. That’s the only argument against it I have really had.


  6. Sara, I truly understand your point and it’s really not a big deal to me if you take it or not. I’m definitely not a “hunting” or a “gun” person.

    Shane, you’re missing my point! I don’t want to sell it! Going back to your original request:

    “So please leave some comments and help me convince Sara this clock is worth saving!”

    Everything I’ve said is for that purpose – reframing it as unique, interesting, quaint – getting the monetary value from E-Bay – repeating what the clock repair person said – counting the cuckoos instead of having to look at the clock, etc.

    I should have given it to Evie as a gift! 🙂


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  8. Wait!! I am called Grandma Cuckoo because of my love of cuckoo clocks. I would be a perfiict person to rehome this clock. I never gets old to me – the chimes, the cuckoos – I listened for it always. I don’t have one now. I plead my case!


    • Lol, this post is almost 10 years old! I’m pretty sure Rachael ended up with that clock (no way mom was going to give it to me after I called it “grotesque”).

      I will note, though, that she currently has a DIFFERENT cuckoo clock hanging up in her living room!


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