Kate Micucci

Today’s post is dedicated to Kate Micucci.  You’ve probably seen her before.  She has been on several T.V. shows, but she was recently on Scrubs and you also may remember her from that Movie Phone commercial where it is just her sitting in a car eating a candy bar and we can hear her thoughts. She is one of those sort of odd looking people where you can’t really decide if she’s attractive or not (no offense intended of course, I myself leave no doubt).

Her character on Scrubs sang and played the ukulele in a way that made me think she must do that in real life.  Sure enough, the songs she played were actually songs of her own that you can see on youtube.  I really like them! They are interesting and she has a good voice.

Here is an example.  Be forewarned that this video is almost too cute for your mind to handle and I think that’s why it ends the way it does, to balance things out.

You may also want to check out her comedy group Garfunkel and Oates (not quite as clean as the above video!)

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