Happy Birthday to Me

And I am gracious enough to share my birthday with several lesser known celebrities:


And a couple of people not quite as smart as me:

For my birthday we went over to Dixie Kitchen.  I mentioned that we have tried to go there several times but it was always too busy, so we went elsewhere.  So we figured we better get in there before the episode aired, or else we’d never have a chance.

The food was really good, well worth a birthday meal.  They give you complimentary johnny cakes on your table, which was unique and they were pretty good.  We had fried green tomatoes as an appetizer and I was really impressed with them. I don’t think I have ever had them and these were just perfect.  Slightly spicy.  I thought they would have some sort of sauce, but they didn’t.  The cornbread muffins were really good too.  They actually had little pieces of jalapeno in them.  I knew it was a southern place but I didn’t know it was a specifically a Nawlins place.  I had catfish, mashed potatoes and red beans and rice and Sara had blackened chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and greens.  I thought it was better than Calypso, but Sara said she still prefers Calypso.  Oh, and did I mention it was pretty cheap?  Anyway, Mr. Obama has good taste and I will definitely be back some time!

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