Barack on Check Please

For those of you who aren’t in the know, Check Please is a fairly popular PBS show that reviews local restaurants around Chicago.  It is actually a pretty good place to find out about interesting restaurants, and we have gone to several featured on there.  Basically, 3 guests come on and each recommends their favorite restaurants.  Before the show airs, each of the guests goes to the other guests’ favorites and then they all discuss them.  They intersperse these clips with interviews with the owners, etc.  The camera men do an amazing job of making the food look delicious.

Well, it turns out they have a previously unaired episode in which Barack Obama was one of the guests.  The episode will be airing Friday January 16th @ 8 p.m.  Not surprisingly, he recommended a restaurant close to home that I have tried to go to several times, but it has been too busy.  We always end up going to the one next door, which is actually really good as well and owned by the same people.  

Here is a clip to wet your appetite (get it?):

Link originally courtesy Hyde Park Urbanist.

3 thoughts on “Barack on Check Please

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  2. That was awesome. Weird but awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    Though, I wonder, why have they sat on it for so long? 2001? I mean, that’s crazy!

    Have you happened to notice how busy the place is now?


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