Smell my Gas

This morning I smelled a foul smell and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from.  Obviously, Evie’s diaper was the first thing I checked.  Once that was all clear I didn’t think much about it.  Later I was in the kitchen and I smelled it again.  This time I was standing by the trash which had a chicken container in it, so I assumed it was that.  I tied up the trash bag and left the room.  Later, I was back in the kitchen I again smelled the wretched smell.  This time I ran the garbage disposal for awhile thinking maybe there was something rotten in there.  Finally Sara said, “Wait, doesn’t it smell like gas?”

And it did.  Because the gas stove had been on low with no flame since dinner last night!

Thank god we figured it out and aired the place out some before somebody passed out or we tried to light the stove!  So if you’re still looking for a Christmas present for me, perhaps we could use a little canary in a cage in our kitchen!

One thought on “Smell my Gas

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