Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween, we got something kind of scary…last night, Evie’s eardrum ruptured.

Now apparently it is not as bad as it sounds, and it is actually quite common.  In fact, it is apparently the best thing that could have happened to her because before it happened she was in a lot of pain and supposedly when it ruptures it releases the pressure causing her to feel better.  The doctor said it should re-seal in a day or two.

Anyway, she has severe infections in both ears.  I feel really bad for her since I had chronic ear infections when I was little.  I had tubes in my ears 3 times and probably had hundreds of ear infections through childhood.  As a result I really really hate them and know what she is going through.  I’m really hoping that this is just an isolated incident and she didn’t inherit my tiny ear canals.

Saying she has her daddy’s ears isn’t necessarily a compliment.

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. But it’s going to heal on its own? That’s good!

    I was just wondering yesterday if everything went okay with my ear surgery, because I was getting some weird ringing and popping on my surgically-repaired side.


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