Are you getting sick of hearing about my kid yet?

It seems like every time I turn around I have to write another one of these updates.  She’s just learning things so fast it is hard to keep everybody up on it!

She says a lot of words now, well over 100.  My favorites are the really long words like “applesauce”, “exercise”, or “avacado”, and I’m also a fan of “monsters”.

If you ask her to count something that you see in a book for example, she will carefully point to each one and say, “two three”.  You’ll get the same answer if you ask her how many of something there are.  “Evie, how many clocks do you see?” “two, three.”

She is eating a little better now, especially if she can eat off of her mommy’s plate.  She LOVES tomato sauce.  So any kind of tomato chunks or spaghetti or anything like that, she wants to eat.  Unfortunately everwhere the tomato sauce touches her skin she gets a rash.  

She likes to eat the little jars of Gerber meat.  Because they have a picture of the Gerber baby on them, she calls them “babies”.  “Evie, what do you want to eat?” “Babies!”  Sounds a little sadistic.  Maybe I can get a bumper sticker, like “My baby ate your baby”.

She can correctly identify the color “orange”, but I think that’s the only one.  She can point to the orange crayon or play the orange key on her piano/xylophone (side note, her piano/xylophone is probably the greatest toy I have ever had…but I digress).  We think she learned that particular one because she has these alphabet books that she got for her birthday.  O is one of her favorites because she likes to say “hoo hoo” on the owl.  So we read that book a lot and it also has a page of oranges.

So she has some favorite letters that she can reliably find if you ask her.  Her favorites are X, O, F, B, H.  The last 3 are mostly due to the fact that we picked up a couple of random letters in a book set at a used book sale and the books have Elmo in them.  So we’ve read them about a million times.

Based on all these letter books, she has lately gotten into the “ABCBs” song.  She likes you to sing it and then when you get to X she yells “Exth!”  I don’t know how she remembers where exactly in the song that falls, but there it is.  She sometimes sings her own version of the song which roughly goes “A B C B FG..” and then a few more random letters that she’s already said, finally ending in “B B B B B…”

She will draw with crayons now, but she insists every picture is of a cat (Well, actually, the other day she also added a fishy).  She is consistent though, even when she’s shown a picture she has drawn previously, she points to it and says, “Cat!”

We bought her a Halloween costume, so we will probably have pictures of that shortly.

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