Berries: not so miraculous

And now the berries finally ARE in my grasp.  A co-worker bought some tablets from ThinkGeek.

Unfortunately I didn’t have anything prepared to give them a fair try, so I will probably need to try this again.  This is what I had with me:

1) Oatmeal Cream Pie – It tasted about the same, I really didn’t notice a difference.  I was warned it could be super over sweet, but I didn’t notice.
2) Plum – At first I thought it tasted the same and I thought the pills were bogus.  But after eating it for a little bit I thought, “Either those pills are working or this is the finest, ripest plum ever picked!” By the end it was almost too sweet!  But I didn’t taste it before the pills, so I don’t know how much improvement there was.  It could have, in fact, been the finest, ripest plum ever picked.
3) Venison and Cheese sandwich – It seemed to taste extra delicious, but I think I am chalking that up to my heightened awareness of taste as I scrutinized every bite for the effects of the berries.
4) Diet Dr. Pepper – It had a sort of bitter taste at the end.  Definitely not an improvement!

Nothing was that dramatic however.  I’m wondering how much of it is a placebo effect, meaning, I know this is supposed to taste different so now I’m thinking it tastes different.  The Emperor’s New Clothes in pill form.  To be fair though, the pills are supposed to turn sour things sweet and I didn’t really have anything sour.  I will need to try again with some lemons or the like.

I will, of course, keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Berries: not so miraculous

  1. Heyas!
    The Miracle Berries’ protein is fat soluble, so avoid anything with significant amounts of fat in it (like the oatmeal cream pie and the cheese). That will break down the protein, and reduce the intensity and duration of the effect. The most amazing thing I ever discovered with those pills was beer. OMFG, it was soooo good.


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