Commander Mark

Today’s post is dedicated to Commander Mark Kistler

He’s like pretty much the awesomest man ever.  I used to watch his shows when I was little, like The Secret City and The Draw Squad.  That was back when he was Commander Mark and he wore the jump suit with the pencils and everything.  In fact, he even came to my school!  I still have the drawings I made that day.  Also, he would have this enormous drawing and at the end of every episode he would add on a little bit to it.  I took to doing that also and I think I still have that somewhere as well.  Later, when I was about in middle school, I would hurry home to watch the Imagination Station.  He lost the jump suit and all by then, but everything else in the show was pretty much the same.  We still drew like ninjas (“Hiiiiii draw-draw-draw”) and learned how to shade (“shade, shade shade…we love to shade”) and draw in 3D.  Every drawing somehow involved a guy leaning out of a space ship to hand you a twinkie with “action lines” to show he was waving.

Anyway, I forget what made me think of him today, but he was definitely a highlight of my childhood.  Looks like he’s still out there and still doing school assemblies, God love him.  If I were in charge of a school I would have him out so fast his head would spin!

9 thoughts on “Commander Mark

  1. I have , unfortunately, never had the priveledge of seeing any of his shows. But, as a result of your blog, I will check him out–and maybe even suggest him to some of my teacher friends!


  2. I used to LOVE Secret City! I used to watch it all the time! I still think about Commander Mark when I draw clouds, and I used to fill sketchbooks with these weird futuristic geometric cities to practice drawing 3-D shapes.

    You are super lucky to have seen him in person, you know!


  3. I just reatlized how much Commander Mark has influenced my life when I googled him and went through his drawings. All of my doodles and sketches in my notebooks from childhood to the present day (I am now 30) somehow have a “Secret City” influence in them. I never realized or made the connection until now! What a wonderful show….it was inspiring and pushed my creativity. Thanks!


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  5. What nice comments! You all made my day! No, you made my YEAR! I trust you are all still DRAW! DRAW! DRAWING! Every day! YES? Stop by and draw some fun adventures with me at my web site, take a walk down memory lane… For the Secret City fans…. check out The Secret City Mural on YouTube/markkistler, I’m glad we captured it on video before it completely fades away. 25 years sure goes by fast. Thanks again for the wonderful comments!

    Mark Kistler


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