Happy Father’s Day

In honor of my very first Father’s Day ever, Sara was gracious enough to sleep in and let me spend some very early quality time with my daughter!

Evie got me a frame and some paper and some special non-toxic baby finger paints to make me a picture to hang in the dining room.  We haven’t made it yet, I’m not sure when we’re going to.  Sara bought me a wall clock.  I’m not quite sure where to hang it yet since it is too nice to go in any of the rooms that currently don’t have clocks.  A clock might seem like a strange present, but you have to understand that I love clocks.  I couldn’t even tell you why.  Big huge wall clocks, like this:

I don’t know what it is about clocks exactly, but I just like them and I always look at them at Target or where ever (for some reason Target has good clocks) and it was a good present.  One time we wnt in a clock store and Sara practically had to drag me out.

Anyway, since it’s Father’s Day and all, here is a really good game to waste some time on.  It is a 2D / Flash version of the console game Portal.  I know Meg was the first person to tell me that I personally would really like Portal, but I have since heard from many sources that it is a really good game.  Since I don’t have an XBox 360, I guess I will have to settle for the Flash version.  I haven’t beaten it yet, but I’m somewhere in the 30s.

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. There’s a clock/watch repair shop down the street from my apt. We went on Saturday and I bought a really cool retro-feeling black metal wall clock. Which I now see I could have gotten cheaper online. Sigh. Oh well, support the little guy and all. I’ve got a thing for clocks, too. I’ve had surgery twice in my life, and both times the first question out of my mouth has been “What time is it?” Maybe that’s more an expression of an obsession with time? hmm…But I also have a cool clock that serves as the front of a wire airplane. *nods*


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