Famous…and now I can prove it!

Our article in Chicago Magazine is now posted online, so you can save yourself the $5 and read it there.

In fact, we were so pretty that they used our picture in the table of contents to link to the article!

4 thoughts on “Famous…and now I can prove it!

  1. OK, it’s hard for me to tell because I can’t enlarge the photo, but I’d dare to say that Shane’s eyes are actually open in that photo! Chicago mag must have Photoshopped it. Just kidding, it’s an adorable family photo, and a cool article too! I prefer Evelyn to all of the suggested names, I have to say. Good job, parents 🙂 ~jen


  2. Don’t be so sure they didn’t photoshop it!

    She was having a hard time (as we all do) finding a cute one of Evie where I had my eyes open. She mentioned that she might use a different head on one of the cute Evie ones. I mentioned some heads she could use instead of mine if she’d rather.


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