Busy weekend

On Saturday we went to Dinner by Design.  Basically you look at their menu for the month and pick out which meals you want and then when you get there they have everything prepared for you.  You prepare the meals, but everything is laid out for you and they do the dishes afterwords.  It is kind of like being on a cooking show!  And then after you take the meals you prepared and freeze them for reheating later.  Sara’s mom gave us a gift certificate so we would have some meals easily prepared after the baby is born.  It was kind of fun, but a little pricey considering you only really get the main dish…the side dishes cost extra.  Oh, also they made cinnamon rolls in case we wanted a snack and gave us coffee and water.  I don’t know if we’ll do it again or not.  We haven’t tried the food yet, but it looked delicious.

On Sunday we took the river cruise sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, of which we are members.  It was really interesting.  It was amazing how much has been built since the ’80s and how much has been converted to condos and how much is being built right now.  I would have thought everything would have been much older!  I definitely like Art Deco sky scrapers the best, followed by Post-Modern.  Seeing so many examples of all the different kinds really clarifies the differences.

Speaking of architecture, I forgot to mention that the weekend before we toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio.  Man could that guy…architect.  His home was amazing.  I like Victorian architecture as well, but for my money nothing beats Frank Lloyd Wright.  Well actually, I like the Prairie style and all, but really it was Wright’s interior design skills and attention to detail that puts him over the top.

Anyway, later on Sunday we were shopping and we went to Hollywood Blvd. for dinner and a movie.  We saw (of course) Harry Potter.  But here’s the surprising thing!  When we got there there was a huge line out front and it turns out that James and Oliver Phelps (Better known as George and Fred Weasly) were there signing autographs!  We didn’t wait in line or pay to get our picture taken with them but we did stand and watch them for awhile.  By the time I thought to use my camera phone, they went on a break. 😦  Still, it made our Harry Potter experience that much more interesting.

So I think that was pretty much all for the weekend.

3 weeks until Sara’s due date!

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