(Short) Long Weekend

So there was a mini reunion for Sara’s family over the weekend and we had quite a full house!  There were about 14 of us, although only 6 staying at our place.  We did Chicago up right, hitting up the Shedd, Museum of Science and Industry, Brookfield Zoo, and Navy Pier.  Hopefully everybody had a good time.  I thought the best part about the weekend was all the good food!

So leading up to that weekend I had been cracking the whip pretty hard to try and get everything done on the condo before everybody got here.  I think Sara was getting pretty annoyed with me!  I don’t know if she would agree, but I thought it was all worthwhile.  I was really proud of the condo and I really enjoy showing it off.  It was a lot of work leading up to it, but now that is all done so we can just sit back and relax! (Not really though because I still have to hang a ceiling fan and a hanging light in the dining room.)

This coming weekend is baby shower #2 in Wisconsin.  We should have registered for a dog powered scooter!

Remember that story I had the other day about battle dancing?  Well this just goes to show you how dangerous it can be!

I think that’s it for now, my show is over.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that video above was courtesy of Dabu!


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