Weekend Update

We had a great weekend camping!  The weather was perfect, sunny and about 80 during the day (so not too hot) and cool at night but not cold.  Unfortunately we forgot our pillows, but other than that it was good.  Everybody made it except for Sara’s brother and everybody had a good time!  The campground was nice, the beach was nice, what more can I say?  We played games, including many rounds of backyard golf

But of course, it wouldn’t be a camping trip without something weird befalling us.  So Sara’s sister Anna just finished going to the bathroom when her keys fell out of her back pocket followed immediately by the automatic toilet flushing!!  She put her hand up there and tried to grab them but they were gone!  The ranger said that there was no trap or anything, so the keys were just gone forever.  They had to drive 2 hours to Grand Rapids and 2 hours back to get an extra set of car keys.  So if you’re ever swimming in lake Michigan and you find a set of keys…

Another weird thing that happened is this lady came into our campsite and started yelling at us for “offering her kids tomatoes.”  I mean she was really pissed!  Now, it’s true that my dad had a huge basket of tomatoes from his garden that he was trying to get rid of that he set by the road in case anybody wanted some, but nobody remembers offering any to any kids.  But even if we did!  This lady kept saying, “You don’t talk to kids when there are no adults around!  What’s wrong with you?”  But if she was so concerned with it, why is she letting her kids run around the campsite with no adult supervision?  She made it sound so devious and illicit…”You were offering my kids TOMATOES!”  Yeah, that’s what all the child molesters use to lure in the little kids! 🙂  And when we said we hadn’t offered any to any kids she said, “Well both of my kids said you did.” as if we were lying about it!  What do you think your kids are going to say when you ask them where they stole tomatoes from?  Why would they be more trustworthy than NINE GROWNUPS!  I think there has to be something wrong with you to get so bent out of shape about tomatoes.

So the final funny thing that happened was that there was this MONSTEROUS sand dune that we encountered a few times.  We took pictures, but the pictures couldn’t possibly do it justice.  It was so steep at the top it was like a wall; straight up and down.  It was just amazing.  It was so much fun to run down that you couldn’t help but laugh like a loon even as you were busting out all your teeth on a tree.  Right about when you hit 70 mph you realize “this is going to end badly” and the rest of the time is spent just trying to get your next foot out in front of you.  So my brother missed the first trip there so I had to go with him the next day.  Walking (actually crawling, literally, on our hands and knees because it was so steep) up the hill nearly killed me!!  It was so much worse than I could ever have imagined.  So anyway, after going to the beach, we walked back and I went down the hill first so I could take pictures of him coming down.  So he really gets going, obviously a little too fast, because he just does a perfect face plant right into the sand.  I thought he died, so I tried to get a picture of it, but then the most amazing thing happened!  For a split second the shutter was closed so I didn’t see it exactly, but the next thing I see is him running straight at me!  Aparently his momentum was great enough that his feet just flipped over his head and landed back on the ground and he just kept going!  When he got to the bottom you couldn’t even see his face, it was just a solid mass of sand with eyes blinking out.  He couldn’t even swallow because all the sand in his mouth dryed it out.  It was HIL ARIOUS!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Oh my god, you guys have the funniest stories. The strangest things happen to you two! But seriously, who takes a picture of their brother because they think he died? Weirdo…


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