Dear FutureMe

Write your future self a note from your present self.

But even more fun is reading notes other people have written to themselves in the past.

I got crazy sick over the weekend but I think I’m going to be better by Christmas.  3 more days of work this week.  14 hours of Axis and Allies over the weekend.  I beat Tony but Sara beat me.  I couldn’t belive she actually played and I think she even kind of liked it.  First Monday with no school!  No celebration for finishing grad school. 😦 I should have walked in the ceremony, then people would have had to come visit from home and buy me presents!  That was dumb.  The Packers suck.  Yesterday Sara let me go through her closet and actually got rid of like 4 bags of clothes!! I don’t know what came over her.  I’m so proud! 😛

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Dear FutureMe

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