Hey, remember this thing?

I was just catching up on some friend’s blogs and I remembered this thing here. I really would like to get back to writing in here. For awhile it just became too much of a chore.

So I’ve been married a year, so far so good! šŸ™‚ Everything’s going really well and married life is even better than I thought.

Work has been a handful. About 5 months ago or so I kind of got a promotion to where I’m a team lead and I’m managing 3 or so people. I say “kind of got a promotion” because it was a promotion in responsibility but not a promotion in money or anything. šŸ™‚ It’s been really good so far, but it makes me work a lot more than I used to.

On top of that school was really kicking my ass. I just got done with my capstone class, which is like the “end-of-your-masters-wrap-up-the-program” class. Between all the extra hours at work and all the extra hours for school, I’ve literally had no time to do anything. I can’t wait until I graduate in December!

Now that class is over and our delivery is about to go out the door at work, I find myself without anything to do. I’m still kind of in hurry up mode so I feel like I should be doing something. T.V. just seems boring now. (Hence me picking the LJ back up…)

I’m trying to actually DO some of my hobbies now that I have time, particularly picking the guitar back up. Unfortunately my callouses are completly gone now and I’m not able to play for very long.

Somewhere in there we also took a trip to England to see Sara’s sister who was doing study abroad. It was a great trip (although we prefered Italy) except for on the first day when someone broke the rental car window and stole Sara’s purse. Kind of put a damper on the trip…

Okay, I started this too late and now it’s time to go to bed. Who knows, maybe I’ll have some extra time now that school is out and I’ll update this thing!


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