I just flew in from Advanced Software System Design and boy are my arms tired

Started my new class tonight. Seems okay. I don’t think it will be too hard, but I think it will be very boring.

There was a 9 car pile up on 422 today which made my < 1 mile drive take 30 minutes. How dare they inconvenience me?

Yesterday I thought I messed up Sara’s family’s computer network when I was trying to help her over the phone…turns out it was just because her cat likes to sleep on the router and there is a loose connection!! And here I felt guilty.

Talked about apartments with Sara tonight. I have to admit, I’m getting kind of excited about it. I want her to come and visit so we can look at places. Well, that’s part of why I want her to come visit! 🙂

I lost 3 lbs. this week in the contest, for a total of 25 lbs. in 6 weeks. I’m still in first place with 2 weeks to go. I think I only need to lose like 3 lbs. to beat Preston’s all time record.

I’ve been doing tons and tons of stupid LJ quizzes and they’re awful…it’s like they’re all written by 12 year olds. Oh wait, they were.

I have been wasting time lately like it’s going out of style (and believe me, it will NEVER go out of style) but then again is it really a waste if I didn’t have anything to do? Hopefully I can find something to do this weekend. I had been pretty busy, so I guess it just feels like slacking in comparison.

I wish I had something to do so I could stop thinking about what it’s going to be like to be married.

I wish I had friends who actually posted in their journals.

Good night.


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