Young Guns 1 vs Young Guns 2

There was a fine movie franchise at the end of the ’80s known as Young Guns, about the life and times of Billy the Kid. I have seen these movies more times that I can count. The main actors are Emilio Estevez, Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips. In addition, Young Guns I had Charlie Sheen, and Young Guns II had Christian Slater.

There has been some debate recently about which of these two movies are better. I had mostly maintained that Young Guns II was better, but, as I’ve grown older, I’ve been kind of leaning towards Young Guns I. ┬áSo obviously, the only way to settle this is with a poll. I don’t want to sway people too much one way or the other, but I will provide you with some good parts to jog your memory:

Young Guns I:

The scene where they are all on peyote is hilarious. “Did you guys see the size of that chicken?”

The end of the movie when they are surrounded in the house is just plain awesome.
“Hey, Peppin. I see you got Charley Crawford down there with you.”
“Yeah, that’s right, Bonney. We got a whole -”
[Billy leans out the window and shoots Crawford]
“Hey, Peppin. Charley Crawford’s not with you anymore.”

One thing I don’t like about this movie is the whole storyline with Doc and that girl.

Young Guns II:

Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi, ’nuff said.

I liked Christian Slater’s character (Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh), and I liked the interplay between him and Billy better than interaction between Billy and Charlie Sheen in YGI.

The part where Dave stabs Chavez through the arm and then Chavez says, “You want your knife back?”

The whole storyline of Pat Garrett chasing Billy was very intriguing.

“Hello Bob!”
[Shoots Bob with a rifle that has eighteen dimes instead of bullets]
“Goodbye Bob! Best dollar eighty I ever spent.”

So, now I put you to the question: