I have a dream (it involves pirates)

Since high school I have had a vision of the ultimate pirate performance piece / urban prank. Imagine, if you will:

You’re sitting at a stop light, minding your own business. Suddenly a pickup truck pulls up next to you at the light. In the back of the pickup truck is an entire crew of pirates, minding their own business, acting for all the world like they belong there. You get a chuckle out of seeing an unexpected crew of pirates, maybe people start pointing.

Then it turns ugly.

A second pirate crew pulls up in a different pickup truck, flying a different pirate flag. Soon, a fight breaks out, complete with swashbuckling, boarding planks, and choreographed sword duels. Eventually everything is settled and the two trucks drive away as if this were the most normal thing in the world.

The closest I ever came to this was dressing up as a pirate and driving around with another pirate and a Jolly Roger in the back window. No sword fights though. No swashbuckling.

So, I think it’s time for the real deal. Who’s with me?


I can’t seem to shake them! They must be heat seeking!

Tell me that wouldn’t be a lot of fun!

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Prank Emails

Okay, usually pranks like this are really lame. People who call in or write in to a show and just scream something stupid, or say some inside joke that only a few friends will get are just dumb. You’re not impressing anybody.

On the other hand, sometimes there are clever pranks, which are done well enough that the person who is pranked just has no clue. Case in point #1:

Even better would be if you could subtly Rick Roll someone while they are talking about being pranked:

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Skeleton Driving a Car

Okay, now here is something  that would be even weirder to see than a goat on a trampoline. A skeleton driving a car.

Basically, a guy got a European car, with the steering wheel on the passenger side, and rigged it up such that you couldn’t see that he was driving it. Instead you could only see the skeleton sitting in what you would assume was the driver’s seat, complete with a fake steering wheel. Then he drove it around on Halloween to freak people out. It’s pretty effective, there’s no way you could avoid a double take.

Go watch the video, it’s pretty cool.

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And you thought those buttons just changed the stoplight

And, in additional to having supreme power, they also provide helpful, instructional messages:

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Interactive Wall

This is a really cool idea, basically, make a wall out of LED bulbs and put some sensors in so that it reacts to humans…well, you can read this description:

The wall includes tracking devices and low-resolution LED displays and is capable of showing many different visualizations based on the presence and movement of people. The 35,000 LED bulb installation is now installed permanently at La Vitrine Culturelle and can be seen every evening from 7 to 11 (145, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal)

So that’s the description, but you really have to see it for yourself:

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Epic Prank

Wow.  Just…wow. This is super-nerdy and everything, but the amount of energy expended on it was just staggering.

Basically, a couple of guys found someone at random on the Internet and then found out everything about him they could, including photos, cell phone number, information from instant messages, etc. Then they put together a scrapbook and showed up at his house, telling him they were from the future and he was going to save the world from robots ala Terminator, and giving him the scrapbook.

Now if they had ended it right there, it would have been an awesome prank. But it goes on and on from there, from sending him a plane ticket to another city and sending him on a scavenger hunt, to an art gallery exhibition all about him, and finally, after several years, culminating in an elaborate stage show in front of 300 people in which this random guy is the star.

As you can imagine, the whole thing is quite a long read, but it is amazing the meticulous attention to detail that went into planning the whole thing. In some cases, they set clues in place months before they knew if the guy was even going to show up, like the message written in black light sensitive ink on the picture in the art gallery. The storyline is kind of cheesy and everything, especially during the stage show, but the whole project was amazing in scope.

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