Yard Sale

As soon as we got back from Mackinac, we basically turned around and got back in the car. For at least a year now, we have been going through everything we could possibly get rid of, and saving up all of our junk in our guest bedroom. So much so, that it was getting hard for people to stay in there.

Usually there is a big family rummage sale every year, but this is the first year we’ve sold stuff at my Uncle Lenny’s house. Lenny is about as close as you can come to a professional yard sale-r. He has a big barn with stuff that he collects all the time, and he can open it up at any time and start selling. So, with his stuff alone you’d have a pretty big sale, but then you add in all the stuff the rest of the family brings, and you’re in business.

The sale was huge, and we were so busy on both Saturday and Sunday, busier than I have ever been at a yard sale (and our family has a looong history of yard sales). We had about 4 tables for our stuff. I am proud to say, we made $172.50! Not too shabby for a bunch of junk that had an average price of about $0.25 (though we did sell a laptop for $80, half of which we owe to Anna).

We spent about $11 on other people’s junk, mostly on kids’ clothes. We eventually figured out that we bought things about once an hour; you would wander around and see something you hadn’t seen the first 10 times around, or you would decide not to buy something, but then after an hour of thinking about it you would change your mind.

Even with the stuff we bought though, we sold tons more stuff, so I don’t understand why our car seemed just as full going home as coming. My main goal was to unload junk (the money was just a bonus), so I wish we would have gotten rid of even more. However, it was good to get rid of what we did.

The main part is that it is nice to visit with everyone. Someone asked me, “You came here just for the yard sale?” We didn’t get to talk to many people at the wedding, so this was a little more low-key, and we had more of a chance to chat. And, of course, we always enjoy the chance to play cards at Grandma’s at night. (and Sara cleaned up at 3 and 13!)

My Uncle Lenny’s yard has always been something of an inspiration to me. He’s got some awesome fruit trees, a little pool with a waterfall and actual, flowering lily pads, and a nice little cozy yet open area off the back deck. However, this time I got to see an awesome new (to me) feature, which I never knew about before.

A large section of his yard is densely wooded, and through this area winds a series of paths. You enter through a trellis-framed door, and if you follow the main path, you wind almost 800 feet to the little cleared camping area in the back. On the way you pass through a spooky wooded section, a more open back section, and even come upon a pine-tree-fairy-ring. I cannot tell you how cool the whole thing is! I enjoyed the first trip through so much, I took a second trip. Oliver apparently found it relaxing as well, since he fell asleep on my head.

Evie and Oliver had a blast walking, playing with all the junk for sale, picking up and petting the kittens, listening to books with Aunt Kris, and did I mention there was a reindeer next door? They were just plumb wore out by all of it at the end of the day(s).

And really, I think we were all experiencing a little vacation fatigue by the time we got home. Our house is the biggest disaster zone on the planet. After returning from one vacation, we just sort of chucked everything we didn’t need to the side and loaded up for the next vacation. We have dishes and laundry stacked everywhere. We’ve made great strides since we’ve been home, but we still have so much more to do, my mind sort of boggles at the prospect.

Is there anything more exhausting than vacation??

This is what I invented the category for

Evie says so many funny things that, even though I try to write them down, there are still a million that I forget. Anyway, here are a few from the weekend.

“Do you like to help your mommy?”

“What do you help your mommy with?”

Evie kept saying something about “eating letters” but we didn’t know what she meant. She said she had eaten an orange one and a green one and we eventually realized another girl had shared 2 M&Ms with her in those colors.

Sara to me: “Should we go to the G-A-R-D-E-N?”
Evie: “I want to go to the G-A-R-N-F!”

Evie wanted to touch Nala, but I told her not to because Nala was sleeping. So instead, she said she was going to touch daddy. Then she said, “Nala is jealous. Very jealous.”

Evie was helping Sara in the garden with a child-sized watering can. Sara looked over and saw Evie dumping the water all overherself, mostly down her back. “What are you doing?” asked Sara and Evie replied, “Watering myself!”


As many of you know, I have a very large extended family and they do many things together.My mom is one of 17 kids. One of the traditions is the annual rummage sale in the spring, which happened over the last weekend. Almost everybody in the family contributes and the result is the largest rummage sale I’ve ever seen. Everything is dirt cheap and many of the items are bought by other family members before the sale really even begins. You want to know how big of a sale it is? Despite many items being priced at a quarter or less, they cleared $800 at the end of the first day! That’s a lot of quarters.

On the second day, everything that is left goes down to a quarter. I mean anything, a t.v., a table and chair set, whatever. I think this is brilliant. The point isn’t really to make a lot of money, the point is to get a little cash for stuff you wanted to get rid of anyway. Most of the stuff we put in the sale was stuff we had intended to donate to Good Will. Instead we got enough cash to cover our own purchases (~$4) plus cover pizza that night. Everything that was left we did end up donating. And it is fun to look through everybody else’s junk!

While we were at the rummage sale, Sara took Evie for a ride in a borrowed wagon. It’s not as funny to describe as to see, but Evie fell asleep about a block from home. As the wagon was pulled along, she swayed back and forth hard enough to smack her head on the cup holder a couple of times, but she must have been tired because she still didn’t wake up.

Just as a side note, Evie looooves shrimp! In addition to everything else she ate for supper, she ate 13 shrimp last night!