Chewbacca for Mayor

Now, I don’t follow Chicago politics very closely, but if I’m understanding the news these days correctly, and I believe I am, Chicago has just taken a significant step forward in electing this nation’s first wookie mayor.


I have been voting for Chewbacca as a write-in mayoral candidate for YEARS, so I’m glad that the mainstream media has finally taken notice. Chewy has the sharp fangs, thick pelt, and starship piloting expertise needed in todays tough political climate.


Watch your back, Rahm. Most politicians don’t pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they lose. Wookiees, on the other hand, are known to do that.

We’re strapped in, Chewy. Make the jump to lightspeed!


There’s Been a Blizzard

So we’ve been experiencing a bit of snowfall here in Chicago…


Quote Monday is taken out of context

Mom, overheard whispering to Ron: “How are we going to feed the baby?”

I don’t believe any context is necessary on that one.

Evie: “If I was making a daddy trap, I’d put pickles, and popcorn, and ham and noodles inside.”

Me: “…but what would you *do* if you owned the Cowardly Lion costume?”
Matt: “I’d rather not say.”

Matt *may* have been involved in a totally different conversation and just been caught by one of those lulls where it suddenly goes silent for no reason, OR he could have been answering the question. I guess we’ll never know.

king of the forest

Rock Band


(Supergroup Evie and Ollie perform to a packed-house concert of inexplicable office furniture)

Crime Scene?

Crime scene photos, or spontaneous nap? You decide!