Future Neil Young

It seems somehow appropriate when he climbs up on top of the coffee table to play a little solo up there, and when he jumps to the couch he doesn’t even miss a note. I can certainly see him performing the same moves from the top of a bar or while stage-diving at a concert.

Better start saving up for tickets now, because it’s going to be all arenas.

Future Music Star

There’s nothing Evie likes more than singing songs. If you notice a common theme amongĀ her videos, it’s that they tend to be at the table. That’s because we make her sing for her supper. No, actually, I don’t know why she likes to sing at eating time, but that just happens to be when the mood usually takes her. Over Thanksgiving, some of the relatives got treated to the dinner theater we usually deal with.

First up, Rockin in the free world by Neil Young:

My favorite part is when she “messes up” in theĀ beginning.

Yes, that song contains such fantastic toddler lyrics as, “Don’t feel like Satan, but I am to them” and “she puts the kid away and she’s gone to get a hit”, but don’t worry: the next video will prove that she has no idea what words she is singing. And besides, she self edited that line to “she’s gone to get ahead”.

Hakuna Matata from the Lion King: