Missing: One Tooth

Missing Tooth

Oh, my friends. I cannot tell you what a big day this is. Evie has been *DYING* to lose a tooth for years.

Partly because she tends to make friends with older kids, and partly because she seemed to be a little late to the table as far as losing teeth, but it seems like every single kid she knows has lost teeth. She’s the oldest in her class and there’s only one other person who hasn’t lost one yet. It’s gotten to the point where even her friends’ little siblings are losing teeth now. And it’s not like she doesn’t notice these things; she has been pining for this every minute of the day since the time a year and a half ago when a classmate had a tooth fly out at school, during music class.

Perhaps the long wait was worth it though, because she was flying pretty high. She literally could not be any more excited. And that was BEFORE a visit from the tooth fairy!