Quote Monday is a snot

::Oliver was very sick::
Ollie: “I couldn’t find a [nose] wipe [in the night], so I just wiped it all over everything.”

Oliver: “I love you daddy.”
Me: “I love you too. Even when I’m mad at you, I still love you. Always.”
Oliver: “Yeah, me too. I still love you even when you’re mad at me too.”

::Frontera tomatillo salsa was out::
Me: “Do you have any other tomatillo salsa?”
Grocery Store Employee: “No. But choo can make your own, it’s really easy!”

This is why I love the local produce mart.

Oliver: “Mama, where should I hide this from you?”

Neighborhood Linkery

First off, our favorite neighborhood grocery store got a webpage! Before I went to Hyde Park Produce, I never felt really one way or another about a grocery store. It was just a place to buy food. However, after moving to a food desert and having some bad experiences with grocery stores, I finally found one that I really enjoy. It would be impossible not to like the place. How can you not like a family run business that has, “Welcome…to our dream!” written in giant letters across the back of the store? Everyone is so friendly, and they give Evie a cookie when we check out. True, it is really a produce store, so we have to visit other stores on occasion, but it is really a gem in the neighborhood.

Speaking of things in the neighborhood, there is a “restaurant” which we had never been to that we tried out the other day. The reason why I say “restaurant” in quotes, is because the place is Bake at Home Pizza. Basically, they make a pizza for you, and then you take that pizza home and bake it in your own oven (I guess the name is self explanatory). The pizza was actually really good, as good or better than anywhere else in the neighborhood, without a doubt. I really liked the place. However, I do object to the price a little bit. It’s not that the place is expensive, but it’s not cheaper than going to a restaurant. So if I’m expected to bake the pizza at home myself, then I expect it to be a little cheaper. If they reduced the price on the pizzas by a couple of bucks, I would probably go here all the time. As it is, however, it’s probably only going to be a once-in-a-while type place, when we have a coupon or they have a special.

Finally, the MSI, which is right on our doorstep of course, opened up a new permanent exhibit about weather. It is AWESOME! Maybe it is because we go there so often, so anything new seems cool, but I don’t think so. There are so many large installments to see, from the tornado, to the spinning avalanche thing, to the thing that shoots tennis balls across the gallery, to my personal favorite, the giant lightning machine in the ceiling. When I went, it was surprisingly not crowded, and Evie and I were able to do pretty much everything. Evie’s favorite part was the big color box you can stand in and change the colors. She’s not a fan of the Tesla coil, on account of the loud noise it makes. Overall though, a great addition to the museum!