Free Fiction – Her Path Lay Forward on Cast of Wonders

I almost missed this one, since it came out on Christmas day as a special Christmas episode! I am very pleased to present my story “Her Path Lay Forward” in the PREMIER young adult, audio fiction magazine, Cast of Wonders.

My story is the second story in the episode, starting around minute 14 (although I don’t recommend you skip my friend Dave‘s story in the first half, of course!)

Here is the “story behind the story” for Her Path Lay Forward:

My children were looking at the scorecard of the excellent game Dixit, and they were debating about the character facing down the dragon in the picture.

I overheard their discussion: “I think it’s an old woman,” said my daughter. “No,” said my son, “it must be a boy. An old woman can’t fight a dragon.”

An old woman can too fight a dragon! In fact the more I thought about it, the more I thought an old woman was the PERFECT person to fight a dragon.

Specifically my grandmother Agnes is one of the strongest, most capable people I have ever met, and no matter how difficult a task she has been faced with in her life, she always does what needs done.

“Her Path Lay Forward” to appear on Cast of Wonders

I am pleased to announce my story “Her Path Lay Forward” will be appearing on an upcoming episode of Cast of Wonders, the “speculative fiction podcast for young adults”.

This story features a very unusual dragon slayer, who is nonetheless pretty bad-ass. It also features characters named after basically every person in my family, a fact that I am seriously reconsidering now that it is actually going to be produced! So, uh…sorry if I used your name.

You may remember that my story “Downsizing Pluto” previously appeared on Cast of Wonders way back in 2013.

Details on the episode when it goes live, of course.