When we were in Michigan earlier this week, I saw the best hair salon name ever: Hairacy!

What is it about hair salons that they just love the pun-y names? I’ve seen more than I can remember (by which I mean of course that I can’t think of them now, when I would need to). I remember a Hairaphernalia which I believe was in West Virginia. And of course, there is Curl Up & Dye from Blues Brothers.

But I think Hairacy! is my all time favorite. It not only is a terrible, groan inducing pun, but it also manages to belittle the idea of heresy at the same time. Heresy is a charge that could get a man killed in some parts of the world. Then again, I suppose hairacy could also get a man killed in some barber shops.

“I gotta tell you Joe, I think I like this guy’s haircut better than yours.”
::Joe slams his fist down on the table:: “Hairacy!”

The fact that they put that exclamation mark there as part of their name sort of confirms that “hairacy!” is a term that must be shouted.

So here’s to you terribly named hair salons. You’re going to have to work pretty hard to take back the top spot. (Hairaphernalia¬†declares¬†this statement hairacy)