Proof that packaging has gotten a little out of control

Recently we received a large package. It was so light that it seemed like it was empty.


So they shipped a full-sized, 21 inch box for blush and mascara. I can only assume the Lacoste sample was thrown in for a little extra weight, to keep the box from blowing away. Even that was 99% packaging, with a tiny vial inside.

Not to worry though, as they proudly proclaim, they’re “going green”.

The Pyramid of Conservation

I saw this graphic, called the “Pyramid of Conservation“, which I found very interesting.

It is a cost effectiveness pyramid for “green” technologies. Basically, it kind of gives you a quick bang-for-your-buck visual, and kind of highlights what one should do, if one wants to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The part that is interesting is that, when you think about how you could become more eco-friendly, your mind immediately jumps to the top of the list: installing solar panels, living off the grid, etc. But in fact, that’s basically the *last* step you should take. Not only is it not very cost effective (it’s very expensive, but doesn’t make you that much greener, contrary to popular belief), but also it is such a big, expensive task, that it might turn people off from doing any sort of eco-improvements at all, including very cost effective ones, such as changing your light bulbs or turning off unused appliances.

The middle of the pyramid is worth looking at too. If we all went through and “upgraded” or existing situation (more efficient electronics and appliances, better insulation, etc.), something almost anybody could probably do to some degree (especially with the help of targeted assistance) we would save more than we probably ever will with solar panels.

It is also very interesting that the bottom of the pyramid is “Understanding”. I think that makes perfect sense though, since it costs nothing, and could make a big difference. For example, we all just participated in some understanding, since we’re reading this and learning about all the steps we could take to be greener without going right to the big ticket items.

Link via Sara.