When we were in Michigan earlier this week, I saw the best hair salon name ever: Hairacy!

What is it about hair salons that they just love the pun-y names? I’ve seen more than I can remember (by which I mean of course that I can’t think of them now, when I would need to). I remember a Hairaphernalia which I believe was in West Virginia. And of course, there is Curl Up & Dye from Blues Brothers.

But I think Hairacy! is my all time favorite. It not only is a terrible, groan inducing pun, but it also manages to belittle the idea of heresy at the same time. Heresy is a charge that could get a man killed in some parts of the world. Then again, I suppose hairacy could also get a man killed in some barber shops.

“I gotta tell you Joe, I think I like this guy’s haircut better than yours.”
::Joe slams his fist down on the table:: “Hairacy!”

The fact that they put that exclamation mark there as part of their name sort of confirms that “hairacy!” is a term that must be shouted.

So here’s to you terribly named hair salons. You’re going to have to work pretty hard to take back the top spot. (Hairaphernalia declares this statement hairacy)

Evie Update Monday

“What color is Evie’s hair?”
“What color is mommy’s hair?”

*Disclaimer, Sara is forcing me to write in here that she does not actually have any grey hair.

And P.S., it’s my blog and I can write grey with an ‘e’ on it like a filthy redcoat if I want to! Take that world!

Over the weekend we got our garden all set up. We bought our plants from the gardens of Gethsemane – no joke, that was the name. It’s not as good as the garden of eat’n’, but I was still chuckling over it for a long time. It took Sara and I about 3 hours in the garden and another hour or so on the back porch, but everything looks beautiful. Looks like we’re going to have even more stuff than last year, as every square inch of our garden is accounted for, including plans for what goes in when certain things are done.

Evie went on the potty for what I think can be counted as the first time. She has gone a few times before, when she was younger, but I think this was the first time where she did it consciously, knowing what she was doing and why. That’s a big step. We’re not really potty training her per say, but we do let her sit on it whenever she wants to. Usually she will sit forever, but never go. So hopefully she will start to do this more and more and then we can try to potty train her for real. It certainly would be nice to be able to leave the house without all the diapers, etc.!

Sara found an article that says morning sickness increases the chance your child will have a high IQ. She thinks that people are just saying that as a consolation prize for the people who have a rough time with morning sickness, but anecdotally I will say that Sara had really, really bad morning sickness and Evie is really, really smart. You be the judge.

Since I began with a funny story about Sara, I feel I should end the same way; bookend-like. The other night I was sleeping blissfully when Sara forcefully pressed her arm against mine and yelled triumphantly, “They’re finally together!” I woke up rather confused and looked at her, but she wasn’t awake. I guess I’ll always wonder what the heck she was dreaming about.

LOL of the Day

I just noticed that the brand name of tortilla chips I’m eating is “Garden of Eatin'”  Best brand name ever!  Nothing sells tortilla chips like a good bible pun.  This takes the top spot from previous champion “The Great Grillsby” hamburgers.