Quote Monday has good posture

Evelyn: “I guess I have good posture because I’m always sticking my nose up in the air.”

::Me, doing push ups::
Evelyn: “Now, I’ve never actually heard someone giving birth, but…”

Sara: “I don’t like to do push ups around you, I like to do them in private.”
Evelyn: “Because we all toot?”

Alex: “Now I need to find my famous pants, that I wore three days in a row!”
As an aside: “That’s why they’re famous.”


Everybody wants to lose weight, to exercise more. It’s the motivation that’s the problem. It’s just that there really isn’t anything motivational enough to get me to run, jump, etc.

Well, there is one thing: zombies!

Now in Chicago you can sign up for ZombieFit, which bills itself as “fitness to survive the apocolypse”.

The keys to surviving Z-day are simple: Be able to lift and throw heavy things, run fast and for long distances, and be able to navigate obstacles and urban environments in an efficient manner.

I will let them describe the program, in their own words:

…five to a dozen people gather to run, jump, climb and vault up, over and around obstacles that stand in for the features of a city in the grip of a zombie infestation. They also undergo strength and conditioning training because zombies are relentless.

There are no actual zombies or zombie stand-ins, though Gatz says they are invoked for inspiration. A precision jump, for example, requires participants to land in an exact location, much as they would have to do if fleeing a zombie from rooftop to rooftop.

“You’ve got to land that, or the zombies are going to get you,” Gatz tells students.

I think it is time for the haters to admit that I’m not the only one talking about zombies here. It’s common enough to be a business model.

Link via Jackie.

Speaking of zombies, I sure wish someone would come up with some plans for a rocket propelled chainsaw. Because that would just be the most ridiculous…