The City of Chicago is Training Cyborg Coyotes

Here from the Chicago Coyote Update Desk, we have new news: there is a reason Chicago is being overrun with coyotes…the city is doing it on purpose.

That picture is taken from a surreal video of this coyote running around downtown. Remember when I said coyotes were taking over Chicago, and you should send help?

So the city is training coyotes to keep down the rat and rodent population. They’re also outfitting them with GPS units, so they can track them as they move around. What’s next Chicago? Coyotes with fricken lasers on their heads? Coyotes collecting a pension? A coyote mayor??

Well I, for one, welcome our new coyote overlords.

Link via Sara.


More Chicago Coyotes

Over the weekend, we were driving by the park a couple of blocks from our house, when I looked over and noticed a coyote stalking Canadian geese on the baseball diamond.

Coyotes are among us! This picture on the Internet proves it.

This wasn’t like under the cover of darkness or anything, it was in broad daylight, at about 10:30 a.m. We pulled over and watched it for a while, but we didn’t have a camera or anything to take a picture. It is very bizarre to see such a large wild animal, just chilling in the middle of the day on the corner of two very busy streets, in the middle of an enormous city.

Coyotes are taking over Chicago! Send help!

The Hazards of Work

Now I have mentioned that I have seen coyotes at work before, but this alert came out at work yesterday about coyotes:

“…recently a small group of four to five followed an employee who was walking across the site during the evening…the employee was able to enter a building and was not attacked.”

Is that the sort of thing I need to be worrying about at work?? Where I work in CHICAGO? In a major metropolitan area?

More coyotes and magical berries

I stumbled across this old article from 2006 the other day and as Chicago’s leading coyote informant, I had to share.  Basically it talks about why Chicago is so full of coyotes!  The main reason being that, unusually for a city its size, it has a lot of park land and all of it is more or less connected.  This lets the coyotes travel around the city at will without being spotted.  The most interesting statistic is that coyotes raised in Chicago have a two times better chance surviving than they do in the wild!  So it is actually safer for them than in the wild.  That’s just…wild.

Going in a completely different direction here, Sara sent me this link and it was amazing.  There is this crazy berry that you eat and then it temporarily spazes out your taste buds making everything taste crazy.  It sounds so weird, I would love to try it sometime!

Wha happa

Well first let me start on Thursday of last week.  I was leaving work kind of late and it was very cold and dark and there was nobody around.  I stopped at a stop sign and trotting down the middle of the crossing road was a coyote, cool as a cucumber!  I just waited at the stop sign as he calmly trotted by in front of me, probably 5 feet from my bumper.  He gave me a little grin like, “What’s up?” as he went by.  What is going on with Chicago and coyotes??  My dad suggested that perhaps some ancient Indian spirit guide is trying to get a hold of me or something.

So on Saturday we went up to my brother’s place at Madison and there are two things to note.  The first is that I ate a Bacon Brat Burger on Pretzel bread with some sort beer mustard.  That’s something you certainly can’t get just anywhere!  It was like a double patty burger but one of the patties was made out of a brat.  It was interesting enough sounding that I passed up the daily special, the Brat Favre.  It was pretty delicious, but I could have done without the pretzel bread.

The other interesting thing is that we went by a theater downtown and on the marquee it said that they were showing the Packer’s game there on Sunday.  How cool would that be?  I would definitely go for that if I lived there.

After that, we went to my Grandma’s 80th birthday party.  It was good to see a lot of my dad’s family that we don’t usually see.  We haven’t been to a family gathering for that side of the family in a long time.

YIKES!!!  The Packers are one win away from the Super Bowl and it doesn’t look good!  Game is currently tied with 4 seconds left, but the Giants are about to kick a FG!

YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!  Missed FG, overtime it is!

A few days late

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a few days, but apparently it made national news.

So, since I am the official Chicago coyote monitor, here is a story about one who decided to stroll into a Quiznos in the Loop.  You can watch the video on that site, but it was like the craziest thing!  People were eating in there and it just runs in the front door and then ultimately settles into the juice cooler! 

So as you can see, coyotes have completely taken over the city


So I’ve been really busy lately, and I haven’t had a chance to post about it yet, but our offer was accepted for the house!!!  Perhaps we offered to little because they accepted all of our terms!  But really we’re very happy because we offered $7,000 less than the asking price in addition to the $5,000 closing cost credit they were offering.  Also, we got them to run a 220 volt line for our electric dryer and give us an $800 credit for using our washer and dryer rather than having them buy one.  Since ours are pretty much brand new, we are very happy with that.  Our realtor didn’t really want us to try to get both the credit and the lower price because he didn’t think they’d accept, but we sort of overrode him and look how it came out!

You can see some pictures of the place on your snapfish account.

One of the reasons we were so busy was that this weekend we went to a 1st birthday party followed immediately by a 50th birthday party! Opposite ends of the spectrum there.

On a completely unrelated note, as an addendum to my post about coyotes at our new place, here is an article about airplanes being unable to land at O’Hare due to coyotes on the runway!