Quote Monday prepares for Christmas

Sara: “Ollie, what would you like for Christmas?”
Ollie: “A pan. A real pan, for cooking.”
Sara: “Well, what kind of pan?”
Ollie: “A bubble gum pan.”
Sara: “What’s a bubble gum pan?”
Ollie: “So I could make bubble gum for Evie when she wants some.”
Sara: “Okay. Well, what else do you want?”
Ollie: “A popcorn popper, so I can teach my kids how to make popcorn.”
Sara: “Anything else?”
Ollie: “Leaves. So I can save them and they don’t all die.”
Sara: “Anything else?”
Ollie: “A piano.”

Is that not the CUTEST CHRISTMAS LIST of all time? So his priorities, in order, are 1) his sister, 2) passing on traditions to his future kids, 3) mother nature, and 4) himself.

Evie: “Momma said to remind you that you can talk and make dinner at the same time.”

Aircraft Carrier for Sale

Anybody want to put a bid in on the HMS Invincible?

It doesn’t list an asking price, but the good news is, it’s in stock! I’m not sure if they can deliver it in time for Christmas or not, but I suppose you could ask about their gift options.

I guess I have one more thing to add to my list! (And, they conveniently have a button to add it to my wishlist!)