Today’s earworm: Genghis Khan by Miike Snow

Today’s earworm: Genghis Khan by Miike Snow.

Cannot stop singing this song. Cannot stop watching this video. Cannot condone spelling Mike with two ‘ii’s.

As long as we’re talking guilty pleasures, I have to admit that I have been going back to watch the Bruno Mars dance segments of the halftime show. Just don’t tell Evelyn that Bruno Mars and the boys out-danced Beyonce…sore subject in our house.

Here you go (edited to completely ignore Coldplay):

Quote Monday learns about dancing

Ollie: “Who was that woman?”
Me: “Beyoncé.”
Ollie: “She has really strong legs.”

Ollie: “One thing that helps me dance better is if my shoes are on the wrong feet.”

::I asked Ollie to do something downstairs, but he came running back::
Ollie: “I saw someone standing in the bathroom and I heard someone say, ‘There he is!'”
Me: “You have a good imagination.”
Ollie: “No…I have good ears.”