Quote Monday is afraid

Evie: “I’m afraid.”
Me: “Afraid? Of what?”
Evie: “Astronauts.”

Ollie: “Mama, there’s lots of monsters out there in the fog. For real.”
Sara: “Did you have a discussion about this?”
Me: “No.”
Sara: “I don’t know why he’d say that.”
Me: “Because it’s freaking SCARY out there!”

I’m with Ollie on this one, that Maine fog is no joke man.

Evie: “If I had to make a painting for this museum, I would paint a woman standing next to a table, and on the table is a skeleton, and the lady is screaming. It would be called, There’s a skeleton on my table!

Ollie: “I love you Pizza.” – Surprisingly, he’s not actually referring to food here. Ollie’s not too good with names, even for the people he loves, but he’s not afraid to just make up his own.