Quote Monday is afraid

Evie: “I’m afraid.”
Me: “Afraid? Of what?”
Evie: “Astronauts.”

Ollie: “Mama, there’s lots of monsters out there in the fog. For real.”
Sara: “Did you have a discussion about this?”
Me: “No.”
Sara: “I don’t know why he’d say that.”
Me: “Because it’s freaking SCARY out there!”

I’m with Ollie on this one, that Maine fog is no joke man.

Evie: “If I had to make a painting for this museum, I would paint a woman standing next to a table, and on the table is a skeleton, and the lady is screaming. It would be called, There’s a skeleton on my table!

Ollie: “I love you Pizza.” – Surprisingly, he’s not actually referring to food here. Ollie’s not too good with names, even for the people he loves, but he’s not afraid to just make up his own.

Ugly Renaissance Babies

The name sort of says it all: Ugly Renaissance Babies. You really have to wonder what some of the people were thinking when they painted them. How could they look at the painting and say, “Yeah, that looks pretty good! Done!” In particular, these people showed a disturbing lack of understanding of anatomy (particularly where breasts are concerned).

Anyway, I highly advise a look through the gallery. I guarantee you’ll laugh out loud. But in the meantime, here’s a little taste to whet your appetite (captions via the site):

This is not how faces work.
Butterfly Net, Stat!
Oops! Dropped him!

Link via Greg, by way of Sara who was dying laughing over these