Shane Halbach

OOMPH: Released Today!


I’m very pleased to announce that OOMPH: A Little Super Goes a Long Way is officially on sale today, including my story “Random Play All and the League of Awesome”.

I can not overstate how much I love trivial superpowers. As anyone who knew me growing up could tell you, I’ve always loved super heroes. From dressing up as one as a kid (or, er, as an adult), to collecting comic books, to apparel, movies, and video games, to the absolutely embarrassing number of times I’ve listened to Dr. Horrible.

But I never liked the idea of guys like Superman or Thor. I don’t want an unstoppable goody-two shoes. Show me a guy who doesn’t have it so easy. Show me a guy with just a *little* bit of power, and the wit and courage to use that little bit at just the right moment to make a *huge* difference.

Well, I will show you. I’ll show you a whole book of stories like that.

OOMPH is available in paperback, as well as for the Kindle or Nook.