That’s a mom’s birthday for you

Today is Sara’s birthday, and she is truly having a mom’s birthday.

Last night I made a cake while Sara pre-prepared her birthday dinner (from recipes that she picked out). She had to cook it herself today before I got home from work while also managing the kids. She suggested oatmeal for breakfast, even though she hates oatmeal. What she really needs is a vacation, but what she’s getting instead are some presents that “require some explanation”. I never had time to take the kids to get a separate present, so they slapped together a homemade card yesterday morning.

Aren’t birthdays wonderful?

Sara deserves better than I give her most of the time. Aside from the fact that I should probably put in a lot more effort on getting her a gift she would like (although I have been *dying* to give her her presents since I bought them a month ago…I just hope she likes them as much as I would, since they’re not something she would probably pick out on her own!)(mom birthday), family life can be rough, and tiring.

So thanks for putting up with your family. We really appreciate all the “mom” things you do!

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