Engage the Blog Brain

I posted awhile ago about whether blogging helps with author voice or not. Lately it has been occurring to me that blogging might be able to help me with another aspect of craft: the speed at which I write.

I write *so* much faster when I blog, but how do I engage that for fiction writing? It would be a huge jump in productivity for me. Basically, I think that when I’m blogging I am writing more directly from my stream of consciousness, and when I’m writing fiction I spend more time thinking about every little word choice. Occasionally I tap into my subconscious and write faster, especially when I know a scene very well or I get close to the end of the story where all the little threads are starting to come together. So I think that it is possible, but for some reason it just comes more naturally to me when I’m blogging.

I have to think that a lot of it is just practice. I’m so used to writing in my own voice that I can do it seamlessly, but when I’m out of that head-space all of these other little things start to creep in and slow me down, moving me from the deep “feeling” part of my brain to a more frontal “thinking” part of my brain. But as I write fiction more and more, I’m hoping to break through into “writing beast mode” more and more often, until I can slip into it at will. Like a dislocated shoulder, the more it happens, the easier it is to do it again, right?

It’s kind of like when I was learning how to play the guitar. At first it seemed *impossible* that I would ever be able to get the fingering right. Many times I thought to myself, “I’m just not meant to do this, in fact, maybe I am physically unable do it.” And then I practiced and practiced and then one day I found that I was just doing it.

Lately I’ve been thinking about writing some non-fiction, or at least some literary fiction that is closer to home. Perhaps I can “trick” my brain into slipping into Blog Brain often enough that it becomes a permanent habit.

Now all I need is all that practice.

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